Very few people enjoy spending their weekends or evening cleaning. Many even spend a lot of money on hiring a company to do it for them. This infographic from Happy Cleans looks at how to turn your hatred of cleaning into a workout. For example, tasks like mopping can be quite intensive but it does burn on average 168 calories in an hour. This is quite a bit and if you spend a couple of hours mopping a few different rooms you’ll have enjoyed a serious workout.
Cleaning all of the windows in a house is another excellent workout as it burns around 180 calories. Every house has plenty of windows that need doing and you might be two hours doing them all which would burn 360 calories.

If you want to head out to the garden, you’re going to burn some serious calories. Just an hour of gardening and wedding burns 288 calories and you could easily spend a morning or afternoon tending to this. Check out the full infographic now for more tips.

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