Defining Communal Areas

These are areas in a building that is used by all the tenant and/or owners such as the reception area, stairwell, escalator or elevator, kitchen, toilets as well as the parking areas.

If you are the owner of the property you are responsible for ensuring that the communal areas are clean.

Some tips to keep in mind are:


The office kitchen is a busy place with most employees frequenting the kitchen whether to heat up food, make coffee or wash up.  That’s why hygiene and cleanliness in the kitchen is vital for staff wellbeing.


Research shows that employees detest overflowing bins.  Having a commercial cleaning company doing regular rounds ensures bins don’t get to the point of overflowing.

 Reception Area

First impressions are so important.  A dirty floor, overflowing bins, musty smells and streaky windows will not create the desired impression.


No-one likes a sticky and dirty toilet.  This is another area where a commercial cleaning company doing regular rounds ensures a clean toilet ensuring healthy staff.

A commercial cleaning company is aware of all of the above and ensures that all these areas are always maintained to the level agreed to in the Service Level Agreement between landlord or owner and the commercial cleaning company.

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