The holidays are almost here. There’s never been a better time to gather with your family, friends, and colleagues. There’s a reason it’s called party season; December is all about fun-filled celebrations that’s guaranteed to go along with lots of eating and drinking. Between the prepping, cooking, and the hosting, it seems that there’s never enough time to get it all done.

Whether you’re throwing an office party, a family get-together, charity event, or New Year’s bash, there’s one thing all festive celebrations have in common: They need to be cleaned up afterward. It’s understandable that nobody wants to end up with a venue that looks like a post-apocalyptic wasteland, and it’s especially difficult to switch to cleaning mode when you feel sluggish, tired, and a little hangoverish after eating, drinking, and dancing too much.

Festive parties can get really messy

Many people are uncontrollable during festive gathering. Typically, they don’t think about the trail of dirt, rubbish, and destruction they leave behind as they’re too busy having fun, laughing, playing games, drinking, and eating. And when the crowd leaves, it’s time to assess the damage and tidy things up. Procrastinating over such a daunting task is understandable, but sooner or later you’ll have to deal with it.

What you’re likely to deal with during the aftermath of your holiday party

Consider yourself lucky if your guests clean up after themselves, or if you only need to scoop a couple of empty cans and paper plates on the countertop into a garbage bag. But that’s rarely how holiday parties end. In the worst-case scenarios, you’re likely to face a combination of the following disasters.

  • ·        Empty bottles and cans
  • ·        Leftover food and drink
  • ·        Broken bottles and glasses
  • ·        Empty food boxes and packets
  • ·        Dirty plates and glasses in and outside the kitchen sink
  • ·        Full rubbish bins
  • ·        Spills, stains, and food debris on the floors, carpets, and walls
  • ·        Dirty toilets and basins
  • ·        Balloons, confetti and party decorations
  • ·        Gum on the carpet or sofa
  • ·        cigarette butts on the ground and overflowing ashtrays
after party cleaning 2

This means your list of cleaning duties will include the following:

  • ·        Removing clutter from surfaces
  • ·        Washing the dishes
  • ·        Cleaning the appliances
  • ·        Packing away catering equipment
  • ·        Pack up any rented chairs, tables, linen, and crockery
  • ·        Taking out the trash
  • ·        Mopping the floors and vacuuming the carpet
  • ·        Picking up litter from outdoor areas
  • ·        Disinfecting and sanitising the bathrooms, toilets, and kitchen counters
  • ·        Wiping the walls
  • ·        Taking down decorations
  • ·        Putting things in their places

Yes, it’s a nightmare situation, especially if you don’t have any extra help or the right tools for the job. Imagine having to tackle after party cleaning on Boxing Day or New Year’s Day. Or asking your employees to come in on a Saturday to help clean up. That is why more and more families and companies prefer to hire professional after party cleaning service to pick up the pieces.

The main benefits that you get when you leave it to a professional residential and event cleaning service in Cape Town are reliability, meticulousness, flexibility, and affordability. Whether it’s a large corporate event or smaller house parties, they can come in any time of the day to clean up, doing it with precision, using efficient cleaning supplies.

Everyone loves having a good time during the holiday season, but nobody wants to be the one taking care of the post-party chores. If you’re planning a big holiday party but don’t want to be left with a huge mess, contact Imperial Cleaning for a full-service after party cleaning solution that will leave your venue as spotless as before. 

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