One of the top five amenities many homeowners dream of having is a backyard swimming pool. It gives you a fantastic way to relax after a hard day’s work and provides an amazing setting for pool parties with your friends and family. However, most people forget that a pool is a luxurious feature and that the sparkly, crystal clean water doesn’t stay that way all by itself.

Maintaining a swimming pool requires regular attention and devotion, if you intend to keep it attractive, safe and functional for a long time. This may sound overwhelming, but with the following long-term maintenance tips, you can have it in top condition without any problems.

Keeping it clean

The basic step in pool maintenance is keeping the water and pool equipment clean by regular removal of dirt and debris. Try to make it a daily routine to skim your pool and clean whatever has fallen onto the surface or sunk to the bottom. Use a skimmer or a long hand pool net that lets you easily catch all the surface debris standing on the deck or pool side. To pick up the debris on the bottom, use a long hand brush for scrubbing the floor.


Maintaining the water line

The pool’s edge is another area that needs your attention. If you don’t clean and scrub the pool’s sides and edges, it becomes fertile ground for detrimental bacteria to grow due to evaporation and flotation. For this reason, the water surface in your pool becomes cloudy as it is contaminated with algae or other substances. The bacteria sticks to the water line and pool edges and breeds. If you routinely wash the edges along the water line, you’ll succeed in preventing the build-up of these unwanted guests, and your pool will be a safe and clean place for enjoyment.

Repainting the surface

If there is any visible damage to the surface of the pool itself, it is time to repaint it. It does take a lot of work, but it’s well worth it in the end. You will need to drain the pool and prepare the surface for repainting before you start. The choice of paint is very important as it should be the same type that was used the first time. It’s usually the choice between epoxy or rubber paint, but in either case, it’s imperative you choose premium swimming pool paint in order to get the best possible end result.


Cleaning the filter

The pool filter is an essential part of pool equipment since it acts as its kidneys and purifies the water in the system. To have the system running smoothly and your pool water sparkly clean, the filter pipes and baskets need to be cleaned at least once a week since a lot of dust, dirt and leaves can clog it.

Checking the water quality

The pool water quality, with the correct balance of chemicals and minerals, is one of the most significant factors that will make sure you have fresh and sparkling pool water. If there’s a fluctuation in the chemical and pH level in your pool, it will become a favourable environment for bacteria and algae to breed and contaminate your water.

Make sure you test the water regularly and improve the balance. It’s also advisable you give your pool a frequent chlorine treatment, depending on the pool size, water temperature, the filter cycle and frequency of pool usage.

By applying these easy maintenance steps correctly and regularly, you’ll be able to have a safe, healthy and beautiful swimming pool for your family and friends to enjoy throughout the year.

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