Cleaning and keeping a tidy home is important to everyone and that doesn’t change during the holiday season, it just becomes a little more challenging. Whether that is because the kids are home from school or because you have guests over, holidays are just a tad bit more work. So here are a few handy tips on how to clean before the holidays start in full swing.

For those amongst us with kids especially younger ones, first thing up on the to do list is making sure all living spaces are completely clear of children’s toys. Nobody wants to step on a lego on their way to the bathroom late at night. A handy idea is buying bed risers, this can come in handy not only for storing away toys under the bed but you can also declutter a room or closet by keeping shoes, laundry, books or any other bulky items that may clutter the bedroom.

But obviously, there’s more on each and every one of our to do lists and hopefully after reading this article you will have a better idea on how to go forward. I know it makes my life easier.

  1. Clutter

Without realizing it we may have a stack of community newspapers or just pieces of paper that are no longer in use. So why no recycle them or use them in clever ways, like tasking the kids to make paper mache ornaments for the Christmas tree. In doing this not only are you keeping the children busy and entertained, you have new and inexpensive tree ornaments. Most importantly if they are playing in one area, then any mess is concentrated to one area. And if you lay newspaper on the floor around their work space, voila more ways to conserve energy when it comes to clean up.


  1. Guest bedroom

When your guest lays his/her head down on one of your pillows they should feel like they are at a home away from their own homes. And that can come from the smallest things like fresh linen, bed already made and covers turned down or even just a welcome basket with any essentials that one may need or have forgotten when packing. So, try provide a basket with extra toiletries, razors, paracetamol/ ibrufen, and an extra set of toothbrushes and toothpaste. Make sure that their bathroom is stocked with extra hand towels and towels. It never hurts to be ready. Air out the room and try to go for natural scents. Vacuum beforehand so that just before their arrival all that is left is dusting.


  1. Closets

Make sure that not only is there a cupboard that is completely emptied, dusted and wiped down prior to your guests’ arrival. Also, make sure that you have hangers available so that your guests are able to hang up their clothes.


  1. Kitchen

There is something about a kitchen, it brings people together. Or maybe it’s just the promise of good food and drink straight from the source. It is therefore important to ensure the kitchen area remains fully stocked, decluttered and clean at all times. Starting off with the dishes, if your hand washing them, work systematically, be it glassware or even plates first. Then move on to all counter tops ensuring that anything that doesn’t need to be there is removed and all surfaces thoroughly disinfected and wiped down.  From there you move to the stove top and oven, make sure they are cleaned and scrubbed to a high polish, even the refrigerator gets a much needed wipe down, shelves taken out and cleaned. Last, but not least, restock your kitchen, remember everything closes early during the holiday season, so make sure you have everything from milk to cinnamon sticks.


  1. The entryway

Like the yes, the entryway is the window or rather portal to the soul of your home, here you will have to pay attention to the little things, firstly do you want people walking in with shoes? If not, do you have an area designated for their footwear? Also, if you have steps makes sure that they are swept, yes including the welcome mat, rake the front lawn mowed and raked.

I hope these ideas help you better prepare and organize your time, by making sure that the essentials are cleaned before the first guest steps in. Contact us to find out how we can assist with freshing

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