To prepare the house for a big cleaning – it often means to clean the big things first and to leave the small ones for the main part of the cleaning. Because of that, a great idea is to spend at least one full day in inspecting the objects in every room and in getting rid of the bigger blemishes. Begin with pre-vacuuming, which will prepare all floorings for a further treatment.

Pre-vacuuming eliminates all bigger loose particles like sand and grit from the fibers of carpets, rugs and other fabric floor coverings. This is also a quick and easy method for wiping off dust and removal of pet hair or spider web behind the big furnishings. Start with a new vacuum cleaner bag, which will ensure a greater cleansing effect, as well as less spread of dust and pollens into the air. Lower the vacuuming power and change the nozzle to prepare all other fabric or textile surfaces for deep cleaning. From the curtains on the windows to the decorative cushions and the upholstered sofa – vacuuming is the easiest and quickest way for cleaning of the loose dirt particles.

Use clean towels to apply a cleaning detergent first only onto the heaviest soiled spots. This is an especially good method for spot cleaning and especially when it`s important to let the solution to overnight. After a complete dissolving of the dirt, it should be easier to wipe off the excess during the big house cleaning, as well as avoid the hard rubbing, dabbing and other physical efforts. Most commercial cleaning solutions are more powerful, than the homemade ones – so, if you use a commercial detergent you may want to let it soak up only for a couple hours or less. On the other hand, a homemade solution of hot water, baking soda, powder laundry detergent and dishwashing detergent, for example, is perfect to leave it overnight. Even if it dries on the next morning – it should be better to save time and efforts during the big domestic cleaning by cleaning an already dislodged stain, than to deal with it right from the beginning.

Hard clean dry kitchen grease and other dirt via stiff spatula, brush or another common tool. This is another step from the preparation of the big cleaning, which will save time instead of deep cleaning with usual detergents and towels. The dark dry grease near the oven racks and the oven itself is one example. Just prepare the surfaces by cleaning the dirt with a hard tool like a spatula and just leave the final cleaning or the polishing of the metal racks for the next step of the cleaning.

Remove dry gum and gum traces from upholstery, carpets, rugs and other fabric objects. It is enough only to remove the gum and to make the surfaces easier for deep cleaning, even if they are still dirty after the gum removal. The easiest way is to apply ice cubes right onto the gum, which will harden it and therefore will make it easier for removing.

Finally, inspect every room and corner, and put off aside the dirtiest objects. They should be high on your cleaning checklist and yet it is easier if you sort and prepare them for the big house cleaning. Or else, compile the cleaning checklist in advance – like a day before the big cleaning itself. Put high on the agenda the objects that will need more time for drying naturally under a direct sunlight. Or else, schedule the windows cleaning for the afternoon when the direct sunlight can’t enhance that much the evaporation from the glass surfaces.

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