You’ve made the decision to get professionals in to look after the cleaning of your home.  There are so many options to go for, a small operation or a more established operation.  Irrespective which you chose, the same questions apply.

#1 How long have they been in business for?

All businesses go through cycles.  Startups will work hard to impress new clients to build up valuable feedback which you would benefit from.  Although more established businesses will have more processes in place that have been developed through trial and error.  It’s up to you and where you place the most importance as what type of business you will select.  Check Hello Peter for any comments.

#2 Working Hours

If you would in the beginning like to be there, find out if they work till at least 8pm.

#3 Number of Staff

Do they have a team of staff arriving at one time?  How long are they estimated to take?

#4 Vetting of Staff

You are giving the professional cleaners access to your home.  You need to ask how they go about vetting prospective staff.  Are the staff legally in the country?  Have they checked references from previous employees etc.?

#5 Cost of Services

What services are included and what will you be charged for?  Ask whether they will provide their own cleaning equipment and products or will they be using yours?

#6 Insurance

Ask all the prospective cleaning services whether they have insurance to cover any damage that may happen on your property.

#7 Quality Policy

Ask how the company will measure how happy you are with their services. This will provide you with guidelines if a complaint needs to be made.

#8 Same Staff

Will the same team of staff be allocated to clean your home each time?  If your face to face time with the cleaners is a positive one they you may want to have the same team, but if it isn’t, this is an opportunity to ask for another team without too much embarrassment.

#9 Benefits

Enquire if the company offers a referral incentive or any other benefits such as pay for 20 and get 1 free.

#10 Green Products

If the use of environmentally safe products is important to you, check whether the company offers this as an option and whether there is a premium on the price if it is.

The tips above will arm you with good questions to ask any prospective cleaning service to ensure you get the service you like at the price you can afford.

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