Where there are kids, dirt will follow. This statement could not be any truer in the school environment. How often have you walked into your school and realised that the floors and bathrooms needed to be cleaned? Probably every day. Even if the floors are clean, there are probably other places that need a good scrub or wipe; classrooms, corridors, storage rooms, printing and computer labs, canteens, and tuck shops. And it’s not just students that contribute to an unclean space; some teachers also have not-so-great habits that can affect the cleanliness of the school.

Did you know that in the education sector, keeping a clean learning environment is non-negotiable? Aside from avoiding fines due to non-compliance to the hygiene regulation, the following highlights some other benefits of keeping schools clean.

Keep a good reputation

The school’s image can make a huge impact on parents who are considering sending their children to your institution. If you’re having an open-day for prospective students and their parents, remember that a dirty school is something people will certainly take notice of and not be able to forget.

And those parents will not likely recommend your school to other parents. If you want to keep a steady enrollment rate and a good name, make daily cleaning a habit.

Creates an welcoming space

Whether it’s parents nights or students’ first day at school – your school should feel inviting for visitors and learners. By keeping your reception area and classrooms spotless, you can ensure that a good first and lasting impression will be made. This is especially true for classrooms – floors should be swept daily and be clear of rubbish like paper and pencil sharpening debris. Other daily tasks should include trash removal, cleaning doors and windows, and spot cleaning walls, desks, and other surfaces. This will create a friendly space, which will help students feel relaxed.

Prevent the spread of germs

Regular cleaning destroys harmful bacteria. Germs can prevent the normal functioning of the immune system and cause children to become sick often. Almost everything children do can spread germs around the school – touching door knobs, desks, and computer keyboards, scratching their hair, using the toilet, and eating in the cafeteria. However, by continuously disinfecting surfaces in the school, you can help keep students healthy.

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Relieve allergy and asthma symptoms

Another health concern of a dirty school is allergies. Dust can collect on many surfaces in the classroom, including the window ledges, the blackboard chalk holder, and light fixtures. This can decrease the air quality and set off allergic reactions in children and teachers. Staying tidy in all areas can reduce sniffs, coughs, and sneezes around the school.

Less maintenance

Regularly carpet cleaning can extend their lifespan. Schools are high-traffic areas, meaning there’s a lot of physical pressure on carpets. Dirt and dust can get trapped in carpets, and the regular footfall, can increase wear and tear. Weekly vacuuming will mean that you won’t have to replace carpets often, which will save your school money in the long run.

Important for safety

If spills in the cafeteria aren’t cleaned up, students and teachers can become injured if they slip and fall. Areas that tend to get disorganised quickly, like storage rooms, also pose a safety hazard. It’s important that high traffic areas be cleared of debris that can cause potential harm and that all equipment should be kept in their designated storage areas to prevent an accident.

Boosts productivity

A messy, cluttered classroom with stained floors and papers scattered about gives off a lazy, uninspiring vibe to teachers and students. With a clean, organised classroom, teachers won’t have to waste time searching through the mess to find their papers and tools. Studies have shown that a clean classroom also encourages students to concentrate and work better.

We understand that a clean environment is an essential part of education, so we are here to help you maintain the wellbeing of your students and teachers. If your school or college requires a professional cleaning service in Cape Town, we offer classroom, corridor, office, and cafeteria cleaning for schools in all suburbs. Give us a call today.

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