No matter if you love or hate cleaning, keeping your kitchen hygienic is not just the question of aesthetics. A dirty kitchen can cause salmonella and E-Coli infections and spread gross odors all across your house. Luckily, keeping your kitchen clean and spotless doesn’t require too much work. Here’s how to do it in only half an hour per day.

Control clutter

The best thing you can do for your kitchen’s cleanliness is to have a place for everything. It’s much easier to use and clean appliances and tools if you have an organized kitchen. For instance, designate one drawer for cutlery and small tools. Those items will always be easy to find and put away when they have a special place in the kitchen. Additionally, you might want to take a look around your kitchen and identify critical spots that accumulate the most clutter. Take a few minutes every day to clear those areas and tidy up.

Prevent cross-contamination

While a sponge is the best way to clean your kitchen, it’s also the perfect place for germs to nest and multiply. If you could ditch sponges all together, that would be perfect. However, alternatives like paper towels aren’t exactly eco-friendly and sustainable since they can’t be reused. So, make sure to have one sponge for your sink, one for the counters and one for wiping food prep areas in order to prevent cross-contamination. Additionally, change your sponges regularly and make sure to clean them after every use.

Maintain your drains

Blocked drains not only make dishwashing much harder than it is, but they are also unsanitary and tend to leave a not-so-pleasant smell in your kitchen. So, as soon as you notice the water is pooling in your kitchen sink, grab a plunger and attack the clog. However, sometimes there’s nothing you can do without contacting professionals. Genuine pros, as these Sydney-based experts for blocked drains, have all the proper equipment needed for handling even the most stubborn of clogs. Your water will be flowing in no time and you’ll be able to keep your kitchen spotless without too much trouble.

Keep your cleaning supplies in one place

In order to make your kitchen cleaning faster and easier, try to keep all your cleaning supplies in one place. This way, you won’t have to make seven trips to your storage space, plus you’ll always know if you need some refills. Pro tip: Remember the main rule of cleaning—some things shouldn’t be mixed, like bleach-based products and ammonia-based products. This combo creates dangerous gases that can cause nausea, coughing, shortness of breath, chest pain and irritate your eyes, nose and throat. If you get exposed to these fumes, make sure to seek medical help.

Clean your sink

After every dishwashing session, clean your sink with soap and warm water. It’s a soothing ritual that keeps your sink clean and free of odors. Plus, when you place your dishes in the sink, they will not get all gunky until you manage to catch up on washing-up. It’s truly a win-win habit that only takes 3 minutes out of your day.

Start and end your day with an empty sink

Probably the best advice is to start and end every day with a clean and empty sink. In order to achieve that, try running your dishwasher before bed and unloading it as soon as you wake up. Additionally, before you tackle any cooking chores, ensure your sink and dishwasher are empty. This way, you can quickly rinse dirty dishes and load them in the dishwasher instead of letting them sit in the sink for hours.

You don’t have to slave over your kitchen in order to keep it clean. Practice these tips every day and your cooking space will be clean, clear and smelling fresh!

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