Rare are the people who enjoy cleaning the house – it’s the chore we’d all like to avoid. Unfortunately, that’s not always possible, but you could at least try to make it easier. There are a few choices you should make to make your house more cleanable. It takes some planning and organization but once you do that – your home will become pristine clean almost effortlessly.

Step 1: Take the floor

Floors get dirtiest – it’s simply a matter of gravity and that’s why they need extra attention. Since prevention is the best cure, you should halt the dirt at the source and avoid wearing shoes indoors. Leave the shoes at the door and at least you won’t have to worry about dirt from the outside being spread all over your home. The type of floor you have is important, too – it’s quite simple to clean tiles and hardwood floors while wall-to-wall rugs collect a lot of dust and dander and can be harmful to your health. That’s why they need professional cleaning, at least once a year. The middle solution would be to have regularly vacuumed and cleaned area rugs.

Step 2: Reconsider your upholstery choices

That vintage sofa of yours covered with patterned textile sure looks nice but try hitting it with your hand and see how much dust comes out. That’s why more and more people are opting for leather upholstery – it’s far easier to clean and it’s stain-resistant. It doesn’t have to be real leather either – faux leather looks just as fine and offers a lot of possibilities, as well as many other synthetic fabrics. On the other hand, if you’re more into nature-inspired home décor, wool upholstery is a good choice, too – wool fibres are mixed with synthetic ones to make it easier to clean and to reduce the possibility of felting. Whatever you choose, make sure you vacuum it frequently and refresh it from time to time with good upholstery cleaner.

Step 3: Don’t procrastinate

We know this is easier said than done but it’s crucial if you want to live in a clean, fresh home. Cleaning experts advise that you should vacuum high traffic areas at least once a week. The same goes for dusting and mopping your floors. Scrub your bathtub and microwave weekly and change your bed linens once in two weeks. The refrigerator needs monthly cleaning; your mattress should be vacuumed at least every two months, and so on. Once you make this your habit, you’ll see the difference. On the other hand, if you did procrastinate for a while don’t hesitate to call for help. There are plenty of efficient home cleaning services to help you get your home pristine clean.

Step 4: Follow the rules of cleaning

Yes, there is a right and wrong way to do the cleaning, and it’s far easier if you know the basic rules. For instance, you should tackle the surfaces that require dry methods, such as dusting, vacuuming, and sweeping first and then proceed to do the mopping – it will be fewer dust particles in the air waiting to stick to your wet floors, advise the cleaning experts Xtra Mile. Also, make sure you don’t fight gravity when cleaning – do it from the top down. This applies to the interior of the single room as well as for your whole house. Keep your cleaning products and gadgets in one place and always read the labels – you don’t want to damage your furniture just because you were too lazy to read the instructions.

Keep these tips in mind when thinking about redecorating or purchasing new furniture for your home – it’s amazing how making a few adjustments can help you clean more effective and faster. Furnish your house smartly, don’t neglect your house chores – and soon you’ll be able to make your place look spotless in just a few sweeps.

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