If you want your offices in good shape for customers and employees, hiring a commercial janitorial services company to do the cleaning makes sense

Janitorial companies do more than just polish desks and empty wastepaper bins – here are the additional tasks that they perform.

  • Commercial janitorial companies sanitise bathrooms, conference rooms, reception areas and lunch rooms – including doorknobs and countertops. This means that your space doesn’t just look good, it’s healthy too.
  • Part of commercial janitorial service is to clean out-of-the-way areas like stairs, loading areas, banisters and even lifts.
  • Keeping computer and server areas dust and grime-free all adds up to a lower maintenance bill on machinery and other assets.
  • Their cleaners are trained in the use of equipment and cleaning products, so less chance of damage to surfaces.

Use commercial janitorial services to rid your offices of lingering germs that can cause illness and increase absenteeism.

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