Finally, you’ve found a cleaning service that you’re happy with or a housekeeper.  As time is money you want to maximize their efforts in the time allotted, so think carefully about what you need done and ensure you stick to it.

#1 Tidy Up

It sounds crazy, but putting away your clothes, shoes and other bits and pieces will save the housekeeper having to do that chore before they even start on the list of chores you’ve set aside for them.

#2 Human or Pet Waste

Irrespective of whether it is easier, you surely don’t want to get a bad rep amongst cleaning agencies, so make an effort to ensure there is nothing, we mean nothing, that can be considered waste, excretions etc. left for the housekeeper to deal with.

#3 Personal Errands

No picking up of children, going grocery shopping or just popping anywhere.  Usually these are not part of the job description of a housekeeper.  So, if you do need this service, you might want to review the contract with agreement from both parties and obviously pay accordingly.

#4 Cooking

Housekeepers are not generally expected to prepared family meals.  This is another item on the negotiation list to discuss between the two parties.

#5 Climbing and Lifting Heavy Objects

Housekeepers should not be expected to put themselves in danger.  Ensure that you keep these jobs for someone more appropriate or hire a lifting service to assist you with this.

Housekeepers are there to clean your home.  Make sure you are very clear up front what should be included and that you are honest with your housekeeper before hiring.  This will reduce any friction later.

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