Whether you’ve been married for twenty years or just moved in with a roommate, you’re probably no stranger to fighting with one another other over household chores. With that closeness, comes the realisation that your significant other or co-tenant is just a person with their own cleaning habits and opinions that clash with your own.

To that end, today’s blog post looks at a new survey which set out to discover the most common pain points that are causing friction in households. The study was conducted by U.S company Taskrabbit, who asked 1,000 adults how they feel about chores and routine home maintenance. In the survey, about 78 percent of respondents admitted to fighting about household chores in general. Below is an infographic we’ve created, outlining the most common sources of conflict as well as the respondents’ general opinions about household chores.

cleaning infographic

What are your thoughts on the survey? Do you argue with your spouse, partner, or roommate about residential cleaning? Are you fussy about the right way to clean up your home? Remember that if you don’t have time to clean your space or you despise running a duster around, contact us for deep cleaning services that give you the satisfaction of a job well done without getting your hands dirty.




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