When discussing housekeeping in this context we’re going to focus more on the electronic side of things i.e. computers and copiers as they are not usually seen as something falling under housekeeping.  But we all rely on them to do our jobs and when they fail it can be disastrous.  It’s worth spending a little time on maintenance to reduce downtime later on and to reduce the companies risk of being sued or fined for non-compliance.

#1 Cables

Head off problems by checking that all the cables in the office have not been chewed by any rodents, that includes the kitchen.  If they have been, replace immediately.  That means also checking outside cables running from junction boxes into the property.  They are open to the elements, rodents and birds and can easily become damaged.  If they are damaged contact your service provider to come and check the cable and perhaps even to replace them.

#2 Server

If you haven’t moved over to a cloud and you still have an in-house server, book a time to back up the server.  Let everyone in the office know when the backup will be scheduled.  Keep the backup files off site in case of fire.

#3 Computers

This requires more specialist intervention.  Irrespective of whether the company has towers or lap tops, both machines can slow down and overheat due to accumulated dust.   Book a technician to come and open all the computers to give their insides a good clean.  It could add to the life of the machine if you do this twice a year.

#4 Copiers

This is another specialist job.  If you have a service agreement check whether a yearly service is included in the SLA.  If it is, book a technician to come. If not, enquire what the cost would be and go ahead.  It will increase the life of your machine and could also stave off more costly things breaking at the most inopportune time.

#5 Fire protection

Check that they are working.  If any are battery operated, change the batteries.  Check that fire extinguisher maintenance has been maintained.  They usually have a log on each extinguisher showing when the last check was.

#6 Legislation posters

Ensure all posters that are required by law to be displayed e.g. Labour Act etc. are on display in appropriate areas.  Also, check that all health and safety posters are properly attached in the relevant place e.g. exit signs haven’t fallen or are in the process of becoming unstuck.  Check that the poster regarding liability in the parking lot is still legible and properly attached.

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