End of tenancy cleaning holds significance for all the tenants. It is a hectic yet comprehensive cleaning project. Today, almost all the landlords want to have a perfect and professional kind of end of tenancy cleaning. This is because the trend of hiring a cleaning company for this purpose is now getting common day by day so every landlord considers that his property must get cleaned by the professional cleaners. The end of tenancy cleaning is very comprehensive as it includes decontamination of the complete living environment by purifying each and every corner of the house. In short, end of tenancy cleaning demands top to bottom cleaning. End of tenancy cleaning is something that cannot be performed alone. It is a task that needs the involvement of complete family. Basically when you are doing end of tenancy cleaning, you are doing it to satisfy your landlord. You have to act as per his directions and you are doing it to make him happy. Majority of the landlords expect their tenants to get this cleaning done by the professional cleaners. It is also advised that every tenant must hire some cleaning company and get this job done. Although it will make you to pay a little bit but it will save your security deposit. You have to bring back the house to the state in which your landlord wants you to bring it back. For this reason, it might get difficult for you to act according to the instructions of the landlord.

While making contract with the landlord it is usually decided that the house will be returned in the same condition as it is now so it somehow becomes a promise of the tenant with the landlord that is required to be met in any case. You really need some smart and easy tips and tricks so as to get good results without wasting much of your time. But always keep in mind that if you are unable to give that much time and efforts then it is better to get some reliable cleaning company hired. Here are some tips given that can be very helpful for you to get the end of tenancy cleaning done in the perfect way so as to avoid the murmur of your landlord and to get back your security deposit.

  • Try to remove the sticky stains and greasy marks by making use of eucalyptus oil. This is quite effective and is also able to get rid of the old and stubborn stains. These kinds of stains are mostly found in the balconies and in kitchen.
  • Keep a towel or some other thick stuff over the carpet and upholstery and iron it for improved look. This will make the carpet and upholstery very presentable. Always keep in mind that only cleaning will not be enough and you also have to make the home presentable. Do find out any kind of damages and try to get rid of them.
  • Clean your furniture and then polish it to get the better results.
  • Empty all the cupboards, drawers and countertops and clean them form outside as well as from inside.
  • Do rub a soap bar over the surfaces to make them shiny and sparkling.
  • Do vacuum the house and pour your favourite liquid perfume in front of the ventilator to give your home a soothing aromatic feeling.
  • Do make se of the proper cleaner to get rid of the limescale from any part of the bathroom.
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