Each home has a smell particular to the inhabitants who live in it. It’s an accumulation of cooking food, perfume, cleaning products, pets, mould, smoke etc.  These odours will eventually penetrate carpets, fabric, furniture and in the case of smoke, into the paint.  For a sweet-smelling home, here are few tips to tackle the toughest smells around.

Before tackling any of the smells, first open all the windows and doors.

 Cigarette Smell

This is the toughest smell to beat. If you are moving into a house where a heavy smoker lived, professional cleaners would be the best option.  If you’ve had a house guest or occasional smoker in the house, then the following will be of assistance.  Mix together a cleaner of 50% ammonia and 50% water and a roll of mutton cloth cut into pieces.  You will need to wear gloves as well as a mask when using this mixture.  Wipe down everything using this mixture.


If your mildew smell is emanating from the washing machine it’s because by closing the door you’ve sealed in all the moisture which is a hotbed for mildew to grow.  From now on don’t close the washing machine door when not in use.  To get rid of the mildew in the machine run a wash with 2 cups of bleach. Two washes would be preferable to be on the safe side.


Firstly, find out what is causing the smell and through that away.  Then wipe down the fridge using a mixture of hot water and white spirit vinegar.  Once you’ve done that you’ll be left with a clean but decidedly vinegar smelling fridge.  To get rid of the vinegar smell, fill a plastic tub with baking soda and punch a few holes in the top.  Pop that into the fridge at the bottom to absorb all the odours.  Clean out and replace on a weekly basis.

 Rubbish Bin

Clean your rubbish bin with a hot water, detergent and vinegar mixture.  To maintain the clean smell place a few sheets of fabric softener at the bottom.


Place a microwave proof glass bowl filled with water and half a lemon and cook for 5 minutes.  Leave to cool for 15 minutes and then remove the bowl.  Keep the door open to air.  This should be part of a weekly routine to keep your microwave clean and safe.


Dishwashers use a similar technology to washing machines.  Check to see whether the smell is from food in the filter.  Remove.  Rinsing prior to popping in the washing machine can reduce this.  Empty a bottle of white wine vinegar into the bottom of the machine.  Let it sit for at least 60 minutes.  Then do a wash on the hottest setting possible.  If you still have a horrid smell best call in a plumber to check the piping outlets.

 Chopping boards

For wooden chopping boards rub half of a lemon and salt over the it and leave for 30 minutes before washing.  For plastic chopping boards, you can also use the above mixture or soak in a hot water and vinegar solution.

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