Vinyl flooring is a great option for homes and while many homeowners have been reluctant to install it, things have changed lately. There is now a wide range of commercial designs that are versatile, attractive and highly resilient. Vinyl floors are made to resist moisture and high foot traffic, and provide smooth and firm coverage for both small and large spaces. With a great variety of vinyl tiles, sheets and planks, in addition to a wide choice of patterns and colours, there are limitless options for designing a custom floor that would suit anyone’s taste. Here are several cleaning tips to consider in order to keep your vinyl floors looking their best.

Use a doormat

The first thing you can do to preserve your vinyl floors is to prevent them from getting dirty, and the best way to do that is by using a doormat and taking off your shoes at the entrance. The doormat will retain a large part of the dirt and chemicals and keep them from being tracked in. Any type of grit that comes in contact with vinyl will act as sandpaper and damage the finish of your floors. In addition, the chemicals used in asphalt that you transfer from your shoes onto the floor will cause them to fade and turn yellow.

Sweep regularly

An essential part of keeping your vinyl floors in great shape is sweeping them regularly. You should remove the dirt immediately before it gets ground in. Make it a habit to quickly run across your floors with a soft broom every evening after your family have finished their meal and you have cleared the kitchen. In this way, your floors will stay clean and last longer.

Also, avoid using any pressure and heavy duty cleaners. Besides light sweeping, you can also vacuum the floors and if necessary, use a damp mop with only warm water and a mild soap. If you have any doubts, you should consult genuine pros, as this Sydney-based vinyl flooring expert that specialises in vinyl supply and installation and can provide you with expert advice.

Use the right cleaning products

It’s crucial you use adequate cleaning products so you don’t damage the surface of your vinyl floors. For instance, if you use a lot of hair spray and it builds up on the floor, wash it off with shampoo. Just mix a squirt of it in a gallon of water and it’ll do the trick. Make sure you rinse it off with a damp mop afterwards.

If you have no-wax vinyl floors, you need a cleaning product specifically designed for such floors. And make sure you follow the instructions. Clean the floor first with warm water and detergent. Lightly scrub the floors with a sponge or a mop to loosen the dirt but be careful not to rub off the surface shine. Rinse it off afterwards with clean cool water so there’s no residue left.

You also need to be careful not to soak the floors with too much water as it can get into the small seams, cracks and edges of the floor and destroy the glue that keeps the vinyl down. This will loosen up the floor and may cause the edges and corners to curl.

Preserve the surface

Modern, no-wax vinyl floors don’t require any additional waxing, so don’t even try it. Wax won’t stick to the surface and it will leave a mess that you will have to clean up later. If you notice that your floor has lost its original shine, you can restore it with a sealant or polish designed for no-wax floors.

Using these tips and tricks, you’ll be able to keep your vinyl flooring looking attractive and lovely for a long time.

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