The holiday season is one that we all look forward to especially when it comes to hosting our family and friends. So, if you can get the extra help, why not. To follow, will be some ways that your housekeeper can help you prepare for the holidays.

Below are some of the main areas we all need help with:

  • Decorations and ornaments

After a year in storage, it goes without saying that these items will have collected dust, you can ask your house keeper to remove them from storage, clean them and after the holidays, wrap them up again and put them back in storage.

  • Get the table ready

This here is slightly more time consuming then one might think (but that just may be my OCD), but talking having things the silverware polished, candles inventoried, tablecloths ironed, napkins folded, serving trays washed and place settings arranged. If you can get your housekeeper to do all if not some of the aforementioned tasks then you can concentrate on décor or other parts of the household.

  • Maintaining a festive look

If at all possible, consider asking your housekeeper to keep an eye on:

  • Changing the bedding to festive bedding,
  • Dusting the holiday cards,
  • If you have a real tree then ask your housekeeper to try water it and sweeping pine needle around it.
  • Prepare the guest bedroom

Getting the guest room ready is much the same s what your housekeeper may already be doing for the other rooms. Sweeping, dusting, changing linen, making sure that the laundry is taken out, done, ironed and fresh towel, washcloths and hand towels are always on hand. However, you may also need her to clear extra closet space and packing a basket with travel-size products.

  • Get the kitchen ready

Again, your housekeeper will know what to do here, but you may ask her to complete a few extra chores such as cleaning out the shelves and the inside of the refrigerator, wiping down the tops of the cabinets and sweeping under the stove and the refrigerator. Other than assisting in organizing the pantry, you can also ask your house keeper to assist you in food preparation, from making spices to making a salad or a stuffing.

In these ways and many more, you can get holiday ready with the help of your housekeeper. Contact us to find out more about our housekeeping services

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