Installing a swimming pool is one of the best amenities you can have. It provides fun and joy to all members of your family and gives you great opportunities for entertaining your friends. Plus, it significantly adds value to your home. When considering the purchase of an in-ground swimming pool, your choice ranges from fibreglass to vinyl liner and concrete pools. Whereas each of them has its pros and cons, fibreglass pools seem to offer the most in terms of quality and price. Here are several principal advantages of owning an in-ground fibreglass swimming pool.


The installation of vinyl liner and concrete pools also imposes certain demands and restrictions. With vinyl liner pools, the air temperature needs to be at a certain level or the liner will wrinkle during the installation. With a concrete pool installation, bad weather conditions can create chaos and slow down the process.

Modern  fibreglass pools are seldom affected by any of these factors. All the site planning, which includes excavation, pool fencing, landscaping and paving, is prepared in advance and once the site is excavated, the fibreglass shell is delivered and carefully placed in the ground, with all the pool filtration system and plumbing fixtures prepared and tested beforehand. The final step involves laying the structural pool beam on top of the pool edges which secures the in-ground pool safely into the ground and it’s all set for you to jump in and enjoy.


Compared to concrete swimming pools, fibreglass pools are much easier to maintain. On average, a fibreglass swimming pool owner would spend around 45 minutes a week cleaning the pool which is far shorter than it takes to keep other types of pools sparkling clean.

Most in-ground vinyl liner pools require the liner to be replaced every seven to eleven years and concrete pools need acid washing every few years and resurfacing around the 15-year mark. These are quite expensive maintenance demands which do not apply to fibreglass swimming pools. Their maintenance is very cost-effective and simple, without the use of harsh chemicals and lengthy procedures.


Concrete pool owners often complain about how their feet quickly start to feel sore when playing pool volleyball or other fun water activities. This is due to the hardness and inflexibility of the concrete surfaces, which is not the case with fibreglass pools. They have a much smoother and flexible surface that doesn’t cause sore feet nor does it enable any algae growth that is typical for concrete pools.

Salt chlorine resistance

Even though traditional chlorine pools have been a backyard hub for several decades, many homeowners are changing their minds and switching to saltwater pools. This is mostly due to the fact that they are healthier for the skin, have fewer chemicals and minimal maintenance. The only drawback of this minimal maintenance device is that salt chlorine is very hard on metal and concrete surfaces as they have the tendency to damage the plaster finish. Luckily, this is not an issue with fibreglass surfaces, so if you’re craving saltwater in your pool for a true holiday feel, go for it.

Quality matters

After decades of innovation and development, engineered science and technology have produced premium quality fibreglass pools with a shell that satisfies the highest standards for maximum resilience and durability. It is flexible and easily adjustable to in-ground conditions and able to withstand all weather conditions as well.

These shells usually come with a 25-year structural warranty and, unlike concrete pools, they don’t crack or develop algae and bacteria, and are resistant to UV damage and fading. In addition, each shell is embedded with a microchip that allows you to access its quality certifications and examinations that may be performed during or after its construction.

Owing to these excellent characteristics of fibreglass swimming pools, their popularity continues to grow and impress pool owners around the world. With their easy and low maintenance, various colours, sizes and shapes to choose from and their reliability and fast installation, they come far ahead of their competition. Hopefully, you too will have the opportunity to enjoy its benefits in the comfort of your own backyard.

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