With summer arriving and leaving us all wanting to enjoy the carefree activities it is important not to forget about our house cleaning duties. The urge to shirk cleaning responsibilities might be strong on these hot days. Luckily, a professional cleaning service can do all your home cleaning for you- leaving you free to soak up the summer sun.

Below is a list of summer cleaning essentials to remember

Outside areas are often overlooked when it comes to home cleaning. Be sure to clean areas like the braai and outdoor furniture. Exposure to the elements can cause a heavier build up of dirt and dust. 

Air vents and aircons host lots of bacteria. They are hard to reach surfaces and rarely the target when a home is clean. Aircons can distribute bacteria inside your home rapidly due to the force of dry air blowing outwards. 

Cupboards are also on the list for areas to deep clean this summer. Dark and warm environments host bacteria and germs, leaving your clothes susceptible to creepy crawlies like fish moths as well. 

Curtains and blinds should be deep cleaned during the summer months. Removing excess dust and pollen build up which could lead to allergies and sinus irritation. Dirty curtains could lead to dust mites making their home in your curtains. 

Carpets are usually vacuumed on a regular basis, but the summer months call for a deep clean and proper wash of your carpets. Carpets absorb all the dirt, bacteria, and particles on the soles of our shoes and feet. Summer is the perfect time to remove that build up for a germ and pest free home. 

We know there’s hardly any time to clean in between work and summer relaxation. Whatever your needs might be, trust Imperial Cleaning to take care of it all for you. 

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