Picture this: your birthday party or wedding reception was a smashing success after weeks of planning. You ate, drank, talked, laughed, danced, and took lots of photos for your Insta-feed. Unfortunately, you can’t retire to bed just when the DJ stops playing, and everyone starts to leave. It’s time to face the aftermath: empty bottles, plastic cups, a sink full of dirty dishes, leftover food, overflowing trash cans, sticky floors, carpet spills, decorations, and bathroom accidents.

It’s a situation every host – even the Gupta family – has found themselves in at the end of a fun night. And as proven by the Gupta’s lavish wedding, which resulted in tons of garbage and a R30 000 fine – nobody really likes event cleaning. So, we’re here to offer some advice on you can make it easier on yourself.

Plan ahead

Just like you’re better off booking the venue and caterers ahead in time, it’s important to consider your cleaning options in advance so you can plan accordingly. The first thing you should do is check whether the venue offers a clean up crew as part of the hire (the cost will be included in the booking). If not, you will be required to clean up after yourself. The venue might require you to have the place spotless the same day or night, or allow you to come back the next day. Remember that if the place isn’t clean enough to their satisfaction, they will withhold your deposit.

You might consider assembling your own clean up squad if you have a tight budget. The caterer will most likely clean up on their side, collecting and washing dishes after everyone has eaten. If you’ve rented tables and chairs separately, you will need to fold and stack them yourself for the company to collect. Other things such as decorations, backdrops, lighting, and flowers will also be your responsibility to remove.

You can encourage guests to clean up after themselves or you can clean-as-you-go, making sure there are enough bins where rubbish can be dumped in as the event progresses. Many people also ask friends and family to lend a hand. For example, at a wedding, you can have a couple of attendees carry the gifts out to someone’s car during the reception. Then, at the end of the night, just have a handful of attendees help take down or throw away stuff.

However, with do-it-yourself cleaning, don’t expect your assistants to get the job done properly. Sure, your nephews and nieces know how to sweep the floor or pick up rubbish but the only experience they most likely have is cleaning their bedroom. They aren’t trained to handle specialist cleaning tools and might not even be motivated to do a great job.

If you’re hosting a large event and have the budget, you’ll have better peace of mind hiring professional cleaning services. You’ll have a team of experienced cleaners who are well-equipped to do the job faster and to a high standard of cleanliness. They’ll clear the area of alcohol bottles, plastic cups, leftover food, confetti, wrappers, and general litter, and then set to work scrubbing and polishing surfaces in the reception area, kitchen, and toilets.

If you’re too tired or lazy to tidy up after your event, Imperial Cleaning will gladly take care of all of the cleaning duties you’re left with. Give us a call today for a quote. We are available for all sorts of indoor and outdoor events including corporate events, race meets and festivals. We also don’t just offer after-event cleaning services but can also give your venue a deep cleaning before your guests arrive.



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