Washing dishes isn’t a fun job, and taking out the garbage is a drag, but leaving your kitchen dirty is not only unhealthy: it’s also a waste of both time and money. Here are the top 5 reasons for keeping your kitchen clean.

Save yourself some money

Allowing one rotten potato or onion to affect the rest means that you have to throw out the whole bag. The same goes for letting past-sell- by-date foods lie around in the fridge, or leaving fruit to go off in the bowl – you end up throwing out a lot of uneaten food. Keep food storage areas fresh and don’t buy more than you can actually use. Yes, the pak choi may be on special, but are you going to eat it?

Keep the family healthy

Bacteria and mould put you and the family at risk for illnesses such as food poisoning, but they also aggravate allergies. Overflowing garbage or food-encrusted dishes are great cockroach bait, and roaches are the last thing you want hanging around in your kitchen! If you can’t clean dishes at night or before work, rinse plates and cutlery before you leave.

Injury hazards

Leaving spills on the floor increases the chance of someone slipping and hurting themselves, and a greasy stove-top can mean fire. A child trying to pull a cup or spoon out of a pile of dirty or clean dishes can end up breaking them, which means cuts or splinters – and you have to buy new ones!

Save some time

Get into a rhythm where you clean as you go, and it will save you having to do a smelly marathon cleaning job every few weeks. Turn these into habits:

  • Wash or rinse items while you cook
  • Give the stove-top a wipe while making the coffee
  • Make emptying the garbage bin someone’s chore – and include an incentive!
  •  Go through the fridge and fresh produce before you go shopping
  • The last reason is a big one: keeping your kitchen in shape is a real investment. Greasy cabinets,

grimy floors and countertops all subtract value from your home. Think of your kitchen as one of the showpieces of your property, and maintain it in top shape.

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