Your new office premises are ready – the builders are gone and they’ve cleared away the tools and debris. So, is it time to move in? Not yet – there’s just one more very important step left to go. Before you move the workforce in, here are the areas that need professional post-construction cleaning.

  • Vent covers, ceiling tiles and exposed pipes are all prime areas for construction dust to pile up and circulate back through the air. Professional commercial cleaners know how to clear the vents and clean the ceilings.
  • Desks, cabinets and shelving are other areas where sawdust and drywall debris collect.
  • Frames, padding and fabric furniture attract grime and dust – the professionals have the equipment to vacuum and deep-clean your furnishings without damaging them.
  • Ceiling, wall and desk light fixtures attract building dust. Get them professionally cleaned to keep your costly fittings working properly. It also protects employees from dust inhalation.
  • Steps, stairwells and railings take a lot of punishment during construction, so they need to be cleaned and checked before you move in. The same applies to lifts.
  • Windows get coated in a film of grime during construction – professional cleaning services have the products to give them a thorough cleaning.
  • Flooring and carpets are usually areas that professional cleaners leave for last. An industrial deep-clean will get rid of any sawdust, cement or drywall dust that may be clinging to your carpets.

Post-construction cleaning means your new premises are sparkling, sanitary and smell brand new, so factor this vital last step into your building or remodeling plans. Contact us now for a professional after renovations cleaning service

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