In order to produce power, solar panels are set up in an open area. They are therefore exposed to accumulating a variety of dirt build-up that requires your care in order to function to their maximum potential. Thus, our solar cleaning services are here to ensure your solar panels are always working top their optimum performance.

Many people overlook the importance of maintaining clean solar panels. The misconception that rainwater is sufficient to keep solar panels clean is one that most people hold true. Because of the repellent layer of dirt on them, if you don’t clean your solar panels frequently enough, your system’s performance will suffer. Therefore, if you want the best results, regular cleaning is essential.
Cleaning Process

At Imperial Cleaning, we are fully knowledgeable regarding different panel kinds and upkeep procedures. Scrub the panels using a soft brush and a non-abrasive soap combination to remove any stubborn dirt if you want to be certain they are fully free of built-up dirt.

Then, wash the panels with water from a hose rather than a pressure washer, since the pressure created by the water in a pressure washer would result in fine fractures on the panels. After cleaning the solar panels, make sure you can detect an improvement in energy production by keeping an eye on the output of your panels.

Is Rain Water Enough for keeping Solar Panels Clean?

When solar panels are unclean, rain does a great job of cleaning them by washing away dirt and clearing off visible dust. If you do not want to wait for it to rain to check if your solar panels are operating at their best, you may wash off your solar panels with water if they are within easy reach, but you must take safety precautions. It is necessary and advised to hire professional such as Imperial Cleaning to clean your solar panels if a panel is difficult to access or clean.

The Importance of Solar Panel Cleaning

Solar panel cleaning may be quite labor-intensive. Self-cleaning them on the roof is not a simple task. Given that the effort would only provide a small result, it might not be worthwhile. Cleaning solar panels, however, is only worthwhile if the efficiency has been impacted by the buildup of dirt on the surface.

The panels might become dusty when it is dry for months on end, especially in the winter. By cleaning your solar panel, you are allowing your system to give you its maximum performance and you are able to get your ROI.

Need help with solar cleaning services?

Today, most houses and businesses now employ solar-powered systems for heating, lighting, cooking, washing, and other reasons, and it is one of the most popular renewable energy sources in use as of late. Regularly verify that the system is operating properly.

Check to see whether the panels have a lot of dirt on them. You shouldn’t be concerned if there is only a small amount of dirt. But in order to improve the system’s energy efficiency, cleaning is required if these panels are excessively dusty. Contact Imperial Cleaning today and get a solar panel cleaning quote to keep your system running efficiently.

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