To build a beautiful, well-maintained home, you may require a lot of assistance from several professionals. You may already use our gutter cleaning services or housekeeping services. If you want a completely clean house from top to bottom, we can also help you with the roof. Imperial Cleaning’s skilled roof cleaning services keep your roof looking brand new.

Services for roof cleaning go beyond cosmetic considerations. To determine whether your roof has enough life left to warrant cleaning, Imperial Cleaning will first survey and report. We understand that you want to put your money into a new roof, but we have services that will leave your roof shining. 

When to Implement Roof Cleaning 

The biggest benefits of having your roof cleaned frequently are the improvement in appearance, the ability to keep it shining, and its lifespan. It improves the outside appearance. Apart from that, cleaning is beneficial for getting rid of trash such as tree branches that, if left up there, might seriously harm the area. 

Our professional cleaning services provide a chance to check your roof for damage while it is being cleaned. It is possible to find holes, missing screws, and other problems so you can fix them before they worsen.

At Imperial Cleaning, we believe and advise that it is a good idea to clean your roof once a year. This frequently enables the early identification of any problems that may arise. If your roof is in good shape or was recently installed, you might only need to clean it every two years or less.

Unless you have the requisite skills to clean rooftops, you should leave this duty to Imperial Cleaning. This kind of work might be hazardous, so it has to be done by an expert who knows how to manoeuvre on a roof and observe safety precautions. Additionally, experts will completely clean your roof using the best cleaning tools available without damaging any of the materials.

Our roof cleaning services in Cape Town 

As a renowned cleaning company in Cape Town, we provide a top-notch roof cleaning service in Cape Town and are capable of removing any kind of moss, lichen, algae, or general air pollution stains from a variety of roof tiles. We have a variety of techniques at our disposal to restore the roof of your home to its former splendour. 

  1. Pressure washing 
  2. Gutter cleaning 
  3. Softwash 
  4. Clean & Repair 

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Imperial Cleaning is prepared to assist you with your demands if you’re seeking roof & gutter cleaning in Cape Town. Every customer is treated like family, and we take pride in leaving you with a clean house from roof to bottom. We provide the best service at fair prices, and our work is guaranteed by warranties.

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